An overview of Coworking in Spain. Nov 2010

An overview of Coworking in Spain. Nov 2010
Manuel Zea

Conferencia en Coworking Europe 2010 en Bruselas hablando sobre el estado del coworking en España.

Esta conferencia fue el nacimiento oficial de y en la  presentación podéis ver una pagina de la primera versión.

1. An overview of Coworking In Spain, Manuel Zea, Where: HUB Brussels, When: Nov 19th , 2010 15.25 event
2.  Who is Manuel Zea? Architect with “entrepreneur” mind Founder: (2006) with Sergio Olazabal Working Space (2008) Investor:
3. What was Working Space? Motorcycle garage Beginnings Who are at Working Space? Architects, interior designers, product designers, web designers, human resources, translators.
4. The story New ways of work: CoWorking An overview of Coworking In Spain? A lot of work! Investigate new situation, who's new, were they are, problems they have, who are doing well…. 1st : how many and where? 2nd call all of them. The project
5. Coworkings in Spain madrid (10) catalonia (9) com. valenciana (3) BARCELONA OFFICE MTA COWORKING COWORKING VALENCIA basque country (2) canary islands (3) CLUSTER ROOM GRAN CANARIA COWORKING andalucia (2) TORRE 11COWOkENGINES aragón (2) 2 x EUROARAGON navarra (1) total asturias (1) COWORKASTURIAS ESPACIO CREATIVO CORDOBA 34
6. Diretorio de Coworking en España
7. Main problem of Spain: meaning and communication Meaning: coworking is not a common definition yet. Communication of centers are really poor. The communication and the unknowledge of the word “coworking”, makes it difficult for the centers to be able to create their community . problems
8. Foster national communication of Coworking With web platforms, social networks, media presence. Solutions Examples round the world Appearing as news in Newspapers, videoblogs, local media…
9. Utopicus, Loft to work, CoworkAsturias, Cocoworking Social networks tools. Google position. Studying other coworkings. Who are doing well
10.  Who are doing well Google position. Social networks tools. Media

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