New lectures for the # CwSC 2019

We have news! There are less than three months to celebrate the Coworking Spain Conference this year and we begin to confirm some of the speakers that will accompany us on 24 and 25 April in the ADDA space of Alicante. 

What better way to start than talking about the trajectory of some of our speakers and revealing some of the most outstanding data of the company they are part of. And, although to know what they will surprise us this year with, you must wait, we are sure that they will exceed each
and every one of your expectations.

Gabriel Espin &Franz Palleres Aticco Coworking

In this edition we are accompanied by two key figures in the development of one of Barcelona's star spaces, Aticco coworking.

On the one hand, his co-founder and CEO of Aticco, Gabriel Spinon, has achieved together with Franz Palleres, co-founder and COO, to build one of the largest communities of coworking in Spain with more than 800 users. Its facilities boast of being one of the largest in the city with more than 6,000 square meters and will soon reach the 14,000 square meters with the expansion of the PDeCat headquarters.

If something stands out from this co-working firm is that it has known how to make a stand against the big ones in the industry as WeWork and all thanks to the management of Gabriel and Franz who have managed to build a faithful community and establish itself in key locations. We do not know for certain the reason for their success, but they certainly defend their mantra and their belief in the coworking concept as a place where they get the atmosphere of trust, closeness and passion that we all need to develop our dreams. They have it clear and they say it is in their spaces where the madmen become geniuses.

During the conference, both co-founders will talk about the space and how the management of the Aticco project has contributed to the forced redefinition of a sector. It has become one of the benchmarks, that having adapted in time and in the most convenient way, has positioned itself hand in hand with the "largest". What we understand with being at the right time in the right place. Firm step and clear ideas in a project that began just over two years ago with the third of the partners, Juan Carlos Morales and that in just this last year has invested 1.5 million euros to make effective its expansion and transformation as reflected in its plan of Development. And also they will not hesitate to increase their investment up to 20 million more.

One of the points included in this plan is the opening of more spaces in other Spanish cities. Will we be able to enjoy some Aticco shared offices in Madrid? And in Alicante?

During the two days of conference, attendees will have the opportunity to know firsthand, how the coworking industry has evolved in Spain, as well as the predictions of development for the next few years by experts in the field.

CoworkingSpain is the organizer of the conference together with the space Coespai and Marc Navarro.

For more information, visit website or follow the hashtag #CwSC on Twitter and Instagram.