"Ask me anything" with Marc Navarro

By coworkingspain

In the Ask me Anything session , held at Coworking Spain Conference 2019 and sponsored by Cobot, the coworking expert, Marc Navarro, answered the questions previously received through a form.

We review the answers to some of them.

Have you ever regretted ...

In relation to coworking, Marc does not regret any of his decisions.

How much coffee is consumed in a coworking center?

Much more than one would imagine a priori. In general, the equivalent of triple coworkers.

The lost utensils ... where are the forks going, for example?

Maybe to the same place where the tapers come from, since they appear and proliferate. The best thing for these types of issues is to make coworkers aware so that they are more careful and, in the case of forgotten bullfighters, apply a policy of cleaning fridges.

Is there a case of coworking that, being a franchise, like Talent Garden, is a success?

Not until now. There would be if Impact Hub was a franchise, but it is not.

What impression does Coworking Spain Conference have on rural coworking?

It can be a good tool to attract talent to these less populated areas, since many people are tired of the city's pace of life. In the conference, we try and try to give support and visibility to initiatives of this type that they consider interesting.

Let's define coworking ...

It is time to agree on what coworking is and what is not. For this, it is necessary to review the Coworking Manifesto and redefine the concept. The line between what is coworking and what is not has become blurred, and one can fall into the error of opinion instead of being objective.

Will you continue betting on organizing Coworking Spain Conference in medium-sized cities, and not focusing so much on Madrid and Barcelona?

This has been one of the most intense conversations at the conference. The choice of Barcelona and Madrid as host cities is mainly due to the operability, since people from different cities come, and accessibility is a priority, especially in the case of attendees from other countries. However, medium cities will be chosen, as they have been chosen on some occasions, if there are interested people.

How many managers are needed in a space?

A priori there is no fixed number, but on average the ideal would be a manager for every 20 or 25 coworkers.

Fixed table or flexible table? Is there any trend?

They live. You must always think of a model that allows you to sustain your community. With the flexible space you can reach an audience that you would not reach, without necessarily losing square meters: it is good to have such sites. You manage to generate a lively and populated atmosphere without losing the premium zones .