Coworking and Coronavirus in Spain

By coworkingspain


The Coronavirus (Covid-19) started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and since then it has not stopped spreading throughout the world, affecting much in the countries of Italy and Spain.

After the rapid expansion in our country, the Government declares the state of alarm, published in the BOE on March 14, 2020

This state of alarm is declared by the great threat that Covid-19 has on public health security for the entire population.

In this state of alarm, the main measure is confinement of the population for 15 days and extended for another 15 days (so far), and the suspension of major economic activity.

There is a lot of documentation that the Government has given about the Coronavirus and the hygiene measures that we must take. Government Information on Coronavirus

Location of Coworking spaces and business centers

Although the Government has not specified that the activity of these centers should be suspended, the reality is that the majority of spaces have seen the attendance of their users reduced to practically 0, companies have canceled events that they had in coworking spaces and rooms have been canceled. of meetings already agreed.

In this crisis situation, in order to stop the spread of the virus, it is understandable that many spaces have decided to close their doors tem, temporarily since they are cases in which the influx of public is nil.

The spaces that have some usury coming to work have multiplied the safety and health measures. They have decided to provide service to users who demand it, even if there are spaces with only one user.

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