Deep work. How to maximize your productivity.

By coworkingspain

If you had been explained ten years ago that the most difficult challenge of your job would be not to look at a phone and be focused, you would not have believed it. The truth is that today nobody doubts that we live in a distracted world in which our productivity depends on our attention. Deep work, the work in which we put our senses, can give you hundreds of lost hours.

When we work in a distraction-free environment we push our cognitive abilities to the limit. By doing this, we develop new skills in a unique way. In other words, every hour of work adds value to our mental abilities. Not only are you more productive, but you manage to feel better and increase your personal satisfaction. With all these benefits, deep work seems the obvious choice, but how to achieve deep work in a hyperconnected society?

Space is everything

There are more and more studies that reveal the advantages of working in a collaborative and pleasant environment. When the labor ecosystem promotes a relaxed and pleasant mood, it is possible to reach new concentration levels. In this sense, coworking has been presented as the best solution for many companies that sought to turn their work environment without giving up the comforts of an office. For coworkers, the philosophy is not to meet a schedule, but important goals every day.

Avoid surface work

We spend 60% of our time in the online office and half of this time escapes in the inbox. Open, close, read, empty your old email account. These types of activities feed back the distraction and confuse your head without you being able to perceive it. Identify the superficial tasks that do not require you effort, allocate a few minutes a day for these and do not let them slip in the middle of important projects. The most important thing is that you are able to anticipate these microtareas before they consume your day.

Take advantage of empty moments
Ten subway stops from your office or twenty minutes from an appointment with the dentist, most of us find ourselves sliding the index through social networks or absorbed in season 3 of a series that doesn't excite us. If you manage to spend this time solving problems, your brain and your boss will thank you. What is the best answer for that customer? How can I present this idea clearly? Deep work experts know that empty moments are perfect to start solving key issues. Once inside the office or coworking, it's time to stop for longer tasks.

The power of limits
If we consider a ten-hour workday, our head can behave like a student who has two months to prepare an exam. Having too wide limits does not increase our working hours, but reduces their intensity. The quality of what you produce is as linked to time as to effort. Narrow your limits until you reach the optimum point where you manage to be focused from the beginning to the end. If you need ninety minutes to write a good report without looking at Facebook or WhatsApp, look at this time every time you have to. The feeling of having finished on time will motivate you for the rest of the day.

Defend your deep work
The deep work is incredibly effective. Unfortunately, in traditional offices it is not the most popular option. You are probably surrounded by people whose pulse shakes if they move away from the phone or promote endless meetings. Avoid them and surround yourself with productive professionals. You will not change the world. But maybe you can try a coworking, reduce your hours on social networks or spend less time on superficial tasks. If you really want to feel more satisfied and perform to the fullest, you will have to build daily habits in the middle of a distracted world. Although, without a doubt, it will be worth it.