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Networkia offers to corporations, companies, start-ups and professionals accommodation and location solutions: flexible offices, coworking, corporate offices, domiciliation of companies, virtual office, meeting and training rooms, as well as secretarial services, technology and telephone support.

It offers all its clients a pleasant and comfortable workspace in a broad sense: lighting, ergonomics, air conditioning, technology, wellbeing ...

Technology is your great ally in business activity. they consider it to be one of their fundamental pillars and for this they have a wide catalog of services as well as customized solutions.

At all times, you will have First Class Support as a reference that will personally address your technical, administrative, logistical needs and, of course, everything you may require in your workspace (meeting room, corporate office, coworking, flexible office ...) .

The common areas incorporate points for disconnection and relaxation (terraces, brainstorming corners, coffee points ...), informal work areas for the promotion of innovation and continuous improvement, perfectly equipped dining rooms and, booths where you can make calls or videoconferencing Confidential and private. And all this, under an exhaustive study of the lighting of each of the environments to get the best of each of them.