Cool Working: High performance work spaces. Soledat Berbegal (Actiu)

By coworkingspain


What should be the focus when conceiving a workspace? People. That's where most companies seem to direct their efforts when it comes to investing to grow. It is not strange, therefore, that they have set themselves in the coworking centers to detect possible trends and learnings: they allow working from any location, promote hourly flexibility and encourage teamwork and networking . But, in addition, there is a word that arises again and again when we talk about coworking and that companies have very present: community. People and their relationship, the work atmosphere generated or the possible synergies between professionals who share a space seem to be the most valuable asset in a coworking space. It is this push and motivation that coworkers share what most seems to attract traditional companies from this sector.

In that search aimed at finding formulas to retain talent and promote productivity, we find a concept clearly linked to coworking: cool working . And what is it about? To orient the physical work spaces towards greater professional welfare and greater organizational efficiency that fosters productivity. Or what is the same: contribute through design to increase the performance of workers. The use of multipurpose furniture, the strategic location of the space or the diversity and activity of the community are some learnings aligned with the cool work that we already find in the coworking spaces.

In the genesis of cool working, some visible factors (spatial distribution, furniture, decoration, colors) and other conceptual factors (creativity, innovation, participation, leadership, mobility, concentration) could be pointed out: all of them should be kept in mind when planning this type of projects. And nothing should be left to chance: for the cool working project to be a success, it is essential to analyze the basic needs of the organization and plan the distribution and elements of the space, taking into account the objectives pursued (concentration, collaboration, socialization, education and privacy).


In the new work paradigm, offices are designed based on the content, and not just the continent, as was traditionally done. Energy efficiency, concern for recycling, comfort or even the promotion of a healthy lifestyle are tools that are of great importance in generating an inspiring and high-performance work space.

One way to measure that quality of space is provided by the WELL certification, managed by the International WELL Building Institute. This certification evaluates a series of concepts oriented to the configuration of a healthy business style: air, water, nutrition, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community.

Worldwide there are only 61 companies that have the WELL certification.

Companies are aware that they must provide the professionals who integrate them with the tools to be facilitators, not obstacles. Having an appropriate physical space is an essential means to achieve this: the design of the space must also be part of the business strategy.

  • Post based on the presentation of Soledat Berbegal, director and director of Actiu's brand reputation , at Coworking Spain Conference 2019