Marc Navarro

Marc Navarro

When I started in the industry in 2011 coworking was something very different. Since then I have worked for more than 7 years in the daily management of spaces and as a consultant I have worked with more than 50 spaces, written more than 70 articles and have been a speaker on more than 35 occasions at international conferences.

Marc Navarro can help you to:

Create your Coworking space

Coworking consulting is a service to help companies, public institutions or individuals to create a coworking space providing you with a solution tailored to your needs and budget.

Create a coworking space in your hotel

Coworking consulting for hotels and hotel chains requires not only thinking about how to make the space profitable but also how it can add value to the core business of the hotel. Having worked on two projects in the hotel sector in Spain and India, I have the necessary perspective to help you develop such a space.

Content curation

I design and implement a customized content strategy for you and/or your project. All with the goal of making you a reference in the industry.


I collaborate and participate in national and international conferences about coworking. In them, I share my vision of the sector and what I think are the keys to keep growing in the future.

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