Árticos (Arteixo TIC)

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Coworking A Coruña Árticos (Arteixo TIC)


Arctic is an associative coworking space. It is not managed by any manager, but it is the Arteixo TIC association itself and we its partners who decide what we want the space to be at all times. That is why the tariffs are adapting to the reality of the space and we do not have a profit spirit. Arctic is a space of professionals that we have in the creative industry and the ICT the nexus and common passion. In the association, in addition to collaborating and sharing the space of coworking, we organize what each of us wants. Such as scratch workshops, photo shoots, open spaces, coding dojos, web design workshops, etc. If you are a developer, a web or mobile designer, you work with digital content, in the audiovisual sector or you are webmaster of an online store, ... and you like the associative and assembly movement, this is your space! Make a visit and take some canes with us.


  • Access 24x7
  • Complimentary coffee
  • Kitchen
  • Scanner
  • Photocopier
  • Printer
  • Internet + WIFI
  • Children allowed
  • Free trial
  • Meeting room


Desk type Flexible desk
Minimum stay 3 meses
Access 4 h / semana + acceso fablab y salas ilimitado
15.00 € /month (+ iva)
Desk type Permanent desk
Minimum stay 1 mes
Access 24/7 con acceso ilimitado a zonas comunes
65.00 € /month (+ iva)