Save the Ideas

Everyone who has undertaken knows that the beginnings are quite difficult and uphill, not only because of the scarce resources that can be available at first, but especially when you are not surrounded by people who are in your same situation . That is why we have created this association with the aim of helping all those adventurers who are starting out in the business world, offering a place where they can settle down to work and find other people with their own interests and concerns, thus enhancing collaborations among the members, since one of the many advantages offered by this association is that most of its members are people who have already started or are in the process. At the same time, the association collaborates with other entities to encourage the entrepreneurial exploit to reach a good port, making synergies to produce a good impact on the society that surrounds us. If you are an entrepreneur with that idea that takes you around the head for a long time but do not know how, or where, or when to start ... Do not hesitate! Join up!


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