CN Dyrecto

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Business center with coworking
Tell us about your needs, including the possibility of receiving advice on accelerating companies, and we will find the most suitable solution for you. We have 500 m2 of offices in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands to work in Coworking, in rooms or simply by domiciling your company in our virtual office: Coworking: You have your own space to work without making any investment. Virtual office: Domicile your company or business in the Canary Islands and take advantage of all the tax advantages. Meeting and training rooms: Hold your meetings or give training in a professional environment. In our business center you can count on: Personalized attention with the presence of professionals every working day (expandable), flexible hours, domiciliation of companies, and freelancers. Personal telephone number with Tenerife prefix (922) with the possibility of redirection to another number located in Spain. Reception of calls, reception and custody of correspondence, personalized attention to visits, immediate notification by email, fax, visit, email, packages received ... Personalized advice on financing, subsidies, marketing, strategy, commercialization, Canarian taxation.


Events managementEvents management
Virtual officeVirtual office
Receiving CallsReceiving Calls
Emails receptionEmails reception
Packaging receptionPackaging reception
Sala de reunionesMeeting room
Blackboard / FlipchartBlackboard / Flipchart
Uso de DirecciónAddress usage
Air conditioningAir conditioning
Fiscal domiciliationFiscal domiciliation
Corporate AddressCorporate Address
Internet + WIFIInternet + WIFI
Sound SystemSound System