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WeWork began in 2010. And currently it has spaces between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​all its locations are premium locations within the city; But we can find them all over the world.

Its main services are private offices, jobs in fixed and flexible coworking. In addition, meeting rooms and event rooms are available.

The design of their workspaces includes private offices (for teams of 1-100 + people) with glass walls to give you privacy without sacrificing natural light. Each common space has its own style and an inspiring environment, both for your team and for your customers.

The services they offer include high-speed internet, unique and spacious common areas, professional printers, soft drinks included, office staff and private telephone booths.

The WeWork community offers you the possibility to get opinions about your product in real time, ask to be recommended to a service provider or just to have a drink after work. This community is international, and gives you the possibility to use its spaces in other venues all over the world.

In addition, it has an agenda of events every day there are social and professional events to help you create and maintain a great team culture. From regular business hours with venture capital investors and other professionals, to cheese tastings with the entire community.

Location of WeWork spaces