The events you should organize in your coworking

By coworkingspain

Events and networking are the soul of coworking. To encourage the creation of communities, it is crucial to offer new opportunities to get to know each other and create links between people. Today we present several ideas of events that you can organize in your space.

Why should you organize the events?

Events bring people together, make them connect and share ideas. They are the reason for the coworkings. Creating synergies between the members you ensure a pleasant atmosphere in your space. Happy workers are more productive, creative and willing to stay. In addition, they give people an idea of what your community is and can help you attract new coworkers. Discover what events you can organize:

1. PechaKucha

PechaKucha nights are already a global phenomenon. It is an art of concise presentations. It was designed in Tokyo in 2003 for young designers to meet, make contacts and show their work in public. PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where 20 images are displayed, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and the speakers have to speak at the same time. It is an incredible idea for people to share their work and ideas in a relaxed environment.

2. Team breakfasts

A moment of disconnection in the morning is a great opportunity to get to know each other better and share fresh ideas. Food-related events are an easy way to bring people together, so a breakfast is the simplest thing you can do to create a community. It's not about having breakfast together every day. You can organize it once a week or twice a month. Make it special, original, with a different theme. Take the opportunity to introduce new members to the community or a special project.

3. Fuckup Night

Fuckup Nights is a global movement and a series of events that share stories of failures. The speakers share their own professional mistakes. The stories of the company that sinks and burns, the association agreements that are spoiled, the product that must be removed from the market, everything must be told here. The event serves to encourage entrepreneurs to accept their mistakes, share the lessons learned and celebrate them with other professionals. A community that speaks openly about failures can help each other learn.

4. Afterworks

Happy hours are a classic way of bringing people together to create networks of contacts. Afterwork events help coworkers to leave the office and share their ideas, projects and proposals in a relaxed and informal environment. Offer your members a moment to relax and enjoy the moment in good company. You can create themes to your afterworks to make them more original, such as " Enjoy beer " organized by the Shed Coworking in Madrid.

5. Group classes

The strength of your community depends on the common interests of the members. Organize group classes of different themes: they are an excellent way to break the ice and meet people. Try yoga, pilates or mindfulness, they are good for the mental well-being of your coworkers and easy to organize in your space. For more movement you can offer dancing, jogging or any other sport. Do not forget the creative workshops in which your coworkers can acquire new knowledge to develop their business. Get inspired by the Cloudworks event calendar .

Successful coworking spaces have one thing in common: a strong community. With a combination of different events you can foster a sense of community and attract new members.