Selina: The new generation of travelers and workers. Alexandra Macías (Selina)

By coworkingspain

The love for travel and the desire to accumulate experiences, and not belongings, are values of the millennial generation , and especially of digital nomads. His way of understanding life may play a role of great impact on the labor ecosystem of the future. In fact, it is estimated that in the year 2035 there are three billion freelancers in the world, of which one billion will be digital nomads.

Among the initiatives that we can see associated with this way of seeing life, Selina stands out, a platform that was born with the purpose of revolutionizing the hotel sector through innovation. Alexandra Macias, director of networks at Selina Innovaton / LAB, talked about this interesting project at Coworking Spain Conference 2019.


Selina's story starts in 2007, in Panama. Its founders, Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski, came from the real estate world and had a project in mind aimed at changing the hotel world. Thus was born in 2014 the first Selina in Venao , a surf city located on the coast of Panama. After the resounding success of the initiative, they began their expansion through Central America, South America, North America and Europe.

Selina is not just accommodation. It is not coworking either. And although the concept may resemble, we could not typecast it in a coliving initiative. From Selina it is about going one step beyond these trends, although all of them are somehow present in their service offer.

Selina itself is a platform for lifestyle, travel and lodging. Its objective is to offer the traveler an experience of global immersion in the place of destination, through activities that allow him to fully squeeze his stay. Connect with other people, be inspired by the most picturesque landscapes or enclaves, enhance your creativity in urban or coworking centers ... all this is facilitated by Selina . Because all of this belongs to the spectrum of possible needs of the non-holiday traveler. Because all this is part of life.


In a context in which more and more young people prefer to accumulate experiences of belongings, the Selina ecosystem is characterized by integrating different spheres of social and professional life in the destination cities: accommodation, travel, art and music, education, sport, gastronomy, well-being ... all these areas are part of the universe that the platform discovers the nomadic traveler.

Understanding the concept, and given the user profile that Selina addresses, it was logical that, sooner or later, coworking would be part of its dynamics: in both phenomena the community is the main asset. And although coworking is not something you are going to find in a hotel, it constitutes a labor paradigm very integrated in the mind of the digital nomad. Therefore, from Selina they also provide the user with spaces dedicated to coworking so that the traveler can carry out their work in each destination. In this sense, they promote the creation of professional networks through new technologies, thus giving rise to productive connections.

The way Selina promotes travel is aimed at forming a community of nomads. In fact, they themselves contribute to the communities in which they operate through the Selina Gives Back program , either in the promotion of local arts and culture or taking care of the environment.

The world awaits you from the hand of Selina. Where do you want to go?

* Post based on the intervention of Alexandra Macias, network director of Selina Innovaton / LAB, at Coworking Spain Conference 2019

* Other sources: Selina Website