Why Uber was born in a coworking

By coworkingspain

We propose a simple exercise. Check out the applications you have on your phone . Surely they offer you services or do things for you that you wouldn't even have thought of a few years ago. Today you don't consider life without them. They have been incorporated as naturally as analog objects do.

How do digital companies arise? Giving a new perspective to needs and desires that already existed. Above all, putting creativity and the user in the eye of the innovative hurricane. This climate of transformative ideas is the one that is breathed in coworking , and these are the big companies that broke the shell in one of them.

Instagram has started an entire generation of Facebook to make it true to the filters, the visual focus and the instantaneity of the social network of stories. Attractive, addictive, aspirational and very personal, the social network of stories appeared in Dogpatch Labs, in San Francisco, an optimal breeding ground for startups and new projects.

With more than 110 million users worldwide, no one can argue to the giant of alternative private transport the merit of having created a new business model. The vision of the creators of the company did not feed them, so they could not afford their own office. It was in one of the coworking spaces in New York where they found their site. - Uber was born from The Yard space tables in Manhattan.

The Swedish application was one of the great pioneers in cross-platform and subscription services. The feeling of not having musical limits (or time to listen to everything) brought a revolution to the sector. To build what is now a base of 217 million users, Spotify began its adventure in the RocketSpace coworking in San Francisco.

With the new climate challenges, the most recent startups must converge profitability and positive impact. OFO is the green UBER of bicycles. With no waiting times and no designated parking area, this Chinese company now operates in 250 cities and 21 countries. A new way of seeing and treating the world that sprang from a London coworking hub.

Democratizing great ideas for entrepreneurs with a very small budget was the great commitment of the Indiegogo crowdfunding portal. An idea of support, collaboration and mainstreaming that also defines the values of coworkers. Today, the company that was born in a collaborative space has raised more than 1.5 billion dollars. It all started in a small space in San Francisco ...

And you? Do you have an idea? What are you waiting for to make it happen?