What is a Virtual Office for?

By oscar ayora

Whether you are a brilliant startup that aspires to reach the top, an established company or a classic freelancer, there will always come a time when you will say, like the Pastori Girl, “give me a premium hand, my boyfriend comes to see me and I do not have what to wear".

And is that working in pajamas in a space created in your home, or in your own room, with Ikea furniture, may seem like a dream thanks to the Paco Roca comics.

To set up an office in a corner of the ship or the workshop with its little dust and grease from the machines is very vintage, as your father and grandfather did. Having a good office in an office in the center of Valencia is much better. However, if you do things right and have a bit of luck, one day you will receive a call from a potential customer that can double your billing, significantly improve your prestige or allow you to open a new line of work that you had long dreamed of.

Let's say you live in Madrid and your magnificent office is in Valencia, that you want to give the image of a great professional who is up to date, while being an expert and that you also need a room for presentations. In any case, your workplace will not answer what you need. Quote it in a hotel? Ask a friend's office? Make him lose a whole day to offer you the possibility of issuing a succulent invoice? Possibly none of this convinces him if he wants to bet heavily on your company.

You don't know him, you don't know who you're going to get into your house. Imagine being an invasive being, calling at any time and any day. How do you filter your calls? Or it is presented without warning. Who receives you?

Arrived here, it is not difficult to conclude that you need a well-equipped and located office; better communicated and with an attractive image, in Valencia (or in Bilbao, or in Murcia), a reception service, telephony, perhaps a personal assistant, an accountant, a space for meetings and presentations, even a timely advice and address social with a prestigious address. There is only one way to achieve all this, at the click of a button and without investing a large amount of euros: hire an office for hours or days and all the complementary services you need in a business center with a virtual office.